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Welcome to our comprehensive guide about the costs involved in area rug cleaning services in Brooklyn. Your rug is a crucial element in your home décor that brings character and warmth to your living space. However, maintaining its beauty can be challenging. That’s why we offer comprehensive area rug cleaning services that will bring the life back to your rugs.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Services and Costs in Brooklyn

Area rug cleaning costs can vary greatly depending on the rug type, size, and the cleaning methods used. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect to pay for our area rug cleaning services in Brooklyn:

Rug Type Average Cost Time to Complete
Persian Rug Cleaning $2.00-$5.00 per sq. ft. 3-5 days
Oriental Rug Cleaning $3.00-$8.00 per sq. ft. 3-5 days
Wool Rug Cleaning $2.00-$6.00 per sq. ft. 3-5 days
Silk Rug Cleaning $4.00-$10.00 per sq. ft. 3-5 days
Synthetic Rug Cleaning $1.50-$3.00 per sq. ft. 1-3 days

These prices are subject to the condition and specific requirements of each rug. For more specific pricing, please contact us directly.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us for your area rug cleaning needs in Brooklyn means entrusting your rugs to experts who respect the craftsmanship and heritage of your pieces. We utilize advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate your rug, without causing any damage. From basic synthetic rug cleaning to more specialized Persian rug cleaning, we have the knowledge and equipment to do it all. Our team is committed to providing outstanding customer service and superior results.

Service Areas

Our area rug cleaning services cover various areas within Brooklyn, including:

  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Crown Heights
  • Bushwick
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant
  • Williamsburg

Our team will arrive at your doorstep ready to tackle any rug cleaning challenges you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cleaning Method Do You Use?

Our experts predominantly use steam cleaning, which has proven effective for various types of rugs. However, the exact method depends on the rug type and its condition. Check out our detailed post on steam cleaning area rugs for more information.

Can You Remove Pet Odors From Rugs?

Absolutely. Our comprehensive odor removal service is designed to effectively remove pet odors, leaving your rugs smelling fresh and clean.

How Often Should I Clean My Rug?

This depends on the rug’s traffic and use. However, professional cleaning is typically recommended every 12-18 months. You can find more information on our blog.

What If My Rug Is Damaged by Water?

We offer water damage repair to restore your rugs to their original state, minimizing any potential loss of value.


Investing in professional area rug cleaning services is a sure way to enhance the longevity and appearance of your rugs. Whether it’s a treasured Persian piece or a beloved wool rug, our team at Brooklyn Carpets Care offers a range of services that are specially designed to cater to your needs. From routine cleaning to emergency carpet cleaning services, we’re committed to delivering excellence at affordable prices. We invite you to explore our advanced carpet cleaning services and discover why we’re the trusted choice for area rug cleaning in Brooklyn.

To get a personalized quote or to learn more about our services, please contact us today. Your beautiful, clean rugs are just a phone call away!

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