There will come a point when the carpet in our home emits a nasty odor.

If you’ve done everything just to prevent a smelly carpet, you will still face this problem in time.

Even if you have the nicest carpet, it will still be smelly if we don’t do anything about it right away.

So, what causes an odor in the carpet?

We will discuss them below and provide you with tips on carpet cleaning to get rid of the smell.

Why is my carpet smelly?

Carpet odors happen due to various reasons.

One reason your carpet is emitting that nasty smell is if you accidentally spilled something on it.

Another is if molds or dirt lingered in the carpet due to neglected carpet cleaning for many years.

Maybe, your pet urinated on your carpet, resulting in an odor.

Fortunately, there are severals way to remove the odor.

There are various things you can perform an odor removal, most of which come with using the right cleaner.

How Should I Remove the Odor from My Carpet?

If you’re deadset on removing the odor from your carpet for good, these are the different ways you can do it.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is just an all-purpose ingredient.

You can use it to clean your appliances and house, do baking, and drink it for health purposes.

When removing odor from your carpet, baking soda can be your best ally.

Baking soda absorbs odors which are perfect for eliminating the nasty smell.

To use it, pour a thin layer through the carpet with the baking soda.

Let it soak for several hours, of up to a day.

When performing a carpet cleaning with baking soda, let your kids and pets stay away from the carpet.

In this way, they won’t halt the process of removing the odor from your carpet.

Then, after time is passed, remove the baking soda through a vacuum.
You’ll notice that the odor is gone.


Another multipurpose ingredient that you can use for odor removal is vinegar.

Vinegar is beneficial if you have smokers in your home where the smell could trap in the carpet.

To use the vinegar, pour it into several bowls and leave them in an area where the smoke odor is prevalent.

Let these bowls stay for a day, then apply a baking soda.

After 24 hours, remove the baking soda via a vacuum.

By doing this, you’ll get surprised by how the vinegar will absorb the odor.

You can also mix the vinegar with the baking soda and spray it onto the odor parts.

Steam Cleaning

A more luxurious way to remove odor in your carpet is using a quality commercial steam cleaner.

Steam cleaning will remove the odor and stain for good.

Hence, it will leave you with a carpet free from odor.

Intense Odor Removal

Some odors won’t be easy to remove by applying a baking soda and vinegar.

A more intensive process will do the trick with smells caused by liquids that are tough to remove.

Mix the vinegar with a carpet cleaning solution.

Then, pour the solution into the carpet steamer (if you have one).

After, use the carpet steamer as directed.

However, if you find it too much to do on your own, call a professional cleaner such as Brooklyn Carpets Care.

Call them so they can extract the odor from your carpet for good!

Do You Need a Professional Cleaning?

If you find the odor is tough to remove by simply following the steps above, it’s wise to call a professional cleaner.

With a professional cleaner, he will help to treat the affected area.

A professional will eliminate what you can’t do at home – intense odor, mold, and deep-seated dirt.

Brooklyn Carpets Care will take care of everything if you’re looking for one.

We specialize in carpet cleaning – from removing the odor to stains.

Our team has experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in residential and commercial cleaning.

Our goal is straightforward – we want to do the hard work while you relax.

We accomplish it by being prompt to our customer’s requests to give them the results they want.

If you need an odor removal service, reach out to Brooklyn Carpets Care.

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