Our carpets provide an aesthetic look and comfort to our homes.

It will surely last long if we do the right kind of care for our carpets.

This means you also need to rely on a professional carpet cleaning service.

By availing of a professional service from Brooklyn Carpets Care, you can get a myriad of benefits.

For this reason, we will discuss the benefits and the steps we do for professional carpet cleaning.

Remove Bacteria and Potential Allergens

Carpets absorb dust, bacteria, mold, and allergens.

If they stay too long in the carpet, they will affect the condition of your carpet.

Not only that – they can also affect the health of you and your family.

Vacuuming may be a simple remedy to remove the pollutants.

However, it’s best to call Brooklyn Carpets Care to remove the pollutants with their professional service efficiently.

Saves Time

Cleaning carpets is time-consuming, which can wreck your schedule in our fast-paced lives.

Let our cleaners handle the cleaning job if you want to get rid of this time-consuming task.

You don’t need to do anything – simply rely on us for the cleaning job.

Up-to-Date Equipment and Methods

A home carpet cleaner will never beat what professional carpet equipment can do.

Using a professional cleaner can even eliminate the tiniest stain on your carpet, which a home cleaner cannot do.

Thus, you get peace of mind since our professionals know how to use it effectively and efficiently.

Knowledge about Carpet Specifics

It’s essential to know every nook and cranny when working with carpets.

For example, carpets come in different qualities, thicknesses, and textures.

This means different types need different cleaning needs.

When you hire Brooklyn Carpets Care, we will perform the best way to clean your carpet professionally.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Carpet

If you allow your carpets to handle by professionals, you won’t just expect a thoroughly cleaned carpet.

You will also expect a longer lifespan for your carpet.

Carpets are expensive; hence, they need to last long.

Ensure to maintain the condition of your carpet by calling our professional cleaners.

Remove Odors

Carpets do not just suffer from the accumulation of dirt, pollutants, and molds.

They also emit unpleasant odors if these pollutants stay on your carpet for a long time.

This is also true when you have pets in your home since they might leave their waste or leave their smell.

Maybe using a home carpet cleaner will do the trick.

However, if the odor won’t vanish with this method, call for a professional carpet cleaning for effective odor removal.

How We Do Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
As with any professional service, it involves careful and thorough steps to achieve the result.

Here’s what to expect when you call for a professional carpet cleaning service:

Step 1: Arrival and Inspection

As soon as the professional cleaner arrives at your house, he will inspect the carpet’s condition.

He will assess what cleaning methods to use and which parts require careful attention.

These things will be discussed with you to know what to expect during the process.

Step 2: Pre-Cleaning
After inspection, the expert will start cleaning the carpet.

He will use specialized equipment and methods to remove dirt, mold, stain, and odor.

Step 3: Sanitizing or Deorodizing
This step is required primarily for food and pet stains and odor.

It is also recommended if your family has respiratory issues to get rid of harmful bacteria in your carpet.

Step 4: Spot Removal
Usually, a professional will perform a hot water extraction to remove stains on your carpet.

However, some stains might be more challenging to remove with hot water extraction.

With these hard-to-remove spots, an expert will perform a special treatment to remove them altogether.

Step 5: Apply Protection
A protector might be optional, but it is essential if you want to keep your carpet lasting long.

Applying protection to your carpet will prevent stains and the accumulation of dust and dirt from seeping into the fabrics.

As a result, it will improve the vacuuming process the next time you need it.

Step 6: Post-Inspection
After doing all the cleaning, the professional cleaner will check the carpet and other areas.

During this stage, he will show you the result of the cleaning process and what spots they have removed.

Tap into Professionals Now!

As with all things, a DIY fix will do for any problems in the house.

However, there’s a limit to DIY, especially when we’re dealing with carpets.

It takes knowledge, training, and expertise to remove every hard-to-remove dirt, stain, and odor on the carpet.

Thus, keep your carpet in good shape by tapping into Brooklyn Carpets Care!

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