Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Is your rug too dirty that vacuuming seemed to be ineffective?

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the deep-seated dirt, mold, bugs and stain in your rug.

It’s steam carpet cleaning – where it uses steam and vapor to effectively clean the dirt and stain.

If you’re curious about what it can do, read further as we will discuss it in detail below.

Steam Cleaning 101

Steam cleaning is a type of carpet cleaning which uses equipment to produce dry vapor.

This dry vapor helps to remove any dirt or build-up on any type of surface.

Furthermore, the steam cleaner consists of a tank, boiler, detergent reservoir, steam vacuum, brushes, and other attachments.

Once you put water and a detergent solution into the steam cleaner, the boiler will make steam of high temperature.

When this steam is created, it will efficiently remove any dirt and grime lurking in the carpet fibers.

Since steam carpet cleaning only uses minimal moisture, it will be quicker to eliminate mold and dirt.

How to Perform Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you haven’t done steam cleaning before, it’s time for you to do it.

Vacuum may be effective in cleaning, but it is not as effective as steam cleaning.

Once you know how to steam clean, it will be easy to follow it as you can incorporate it into your household maintenance cleaning.

So, to start, follow these steps to get you started with steam carpet cleaning:

⦁ Remove any items on the floor, and move your furniture to another room.

⦁ Shape the aluminum foil into squares and place it under the furniture legs to protect them from moisture.

⦁ Perform steam carpet cleaning on your carpet.

⦁ Make sure to leave the aluminum foil in place until the carpet is dry.

⦁ Don’t forget to steam carpet cleaning in vertical and horizontal directions. In this way, all fibers are cleaned.

⦁ Perform steam carpet cleaning once a year during the late spring. This season is warm enough to speed up the drying process of the steam carpet cleaning.

⦁ If you have a home with pets, you need to steam clean every four months.

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning doesn’t just target the surface but also provides deep cleaning.

Due to how effective steam carpet cleaning is, it removes any unwanted dirt, mold, and materials from your carpet.

In addition, these are other ways you can benefit from this cleaning method, such as:

Highly effective in cleaning.

Due to the high heat of the steam, it is easy for the steam cleaner to remove dirt, grime, and stain.

This also helps kill any small bugs and bacteria that are difficult to see by the naked eye.

Superior in removing stains and dirt.

The heating steam weakens the first and stains from the carpet.

Along with the dry vapor, it works into the deepest and most delicate layers of the carpet.

Thus, this helps to remove the unwanted particles easily.

Kills bacteria, mold, fungus, and dust.

Bacteria, fungus, mites, dust, and mold are too challenging to eliminate, especially when vacuuming.

Fortunately, steam carpet cleaning provides even better cleaning as it helps kill the invaders quickly.

Moreover, this cleaning method is more effective when done professionally since the experts use highly-powered steam cleaners.

Hence, if these molds, mites, and fungus keep bothering you, you can call Brooklyn Carpets Care to remove them.

Safe for children and pets.

If you have pets and children, be careful of using chemicals in your house, especially on carpets.

Fortunately, chemicals are not used in steam carpet cleaning as you only need water.

The steam also acts as a sanitizer for your carpet.

Thus, it will keep your children and pets safe due to minimal chemical exposure.

Other Things To Know About Steam Carpet Cleaning

Every homes and business need a regular carpet cleaning.

Regular maintenance will surely keep your carpet lasts long by removing unwanted materials and dirt.

However,  you can also protect your carpet in other ways, aside from steam cleaning by:

Placemats near the doors to avoid shoe stains off your carpets.

If you spot stains on the carpet, clean them up immediately to prevent them from sinking into your carpet.

Don’t forget to vacuum your carpet every week, to remove surface dirt.

It’s Time for a Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning!

Now that you’ve understood steam carpet cleaning, you should start buying one.

In this way, you’ll say goodbye to dirt, mold, mites, and stains that can be difficult to remove by using a vacuum.

But if you find a steam cleaning a bit of a bother to your daily schedule, perhaps call a professional to handle your dirty rug.

For professional steam carpet cleaning, don’t hesitate and reach out to Brooklyn Carpets Care!

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