You might have known by now that simply vacuuming the rugs won’t cut it.

Bacteria, mold, and grime will begin to accumulate in the rug fibers as time goes by.

Even a high-performance vacuum cleaner can’t get them out when this happens.

For this reason, relying on pros such as Brooklyn Carpets Care is the best thing you can do for your rugs.

If you haven’t called us yet, you should do it by now if you want your rugs to be in their best condition.

Scheduling a Rug Cleaning

A good rule of thumb for rug cleaning is to do it every year.

If you’ve been vacuuming your rugs from time to time, you could call for a professional once a year.

However, if you haven’t done any cleaning maintenance to your rug, start by vacuuming slowly.

It only takes 15-20 minutes ta vacuum a rug of the about 300-square foot.

In this way, you’ll be removing all the dirt seeping into the rugs.

How to Determine if You Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Probably it’s time that you inspect the condition of your rugs.

Take time to walk around your house, from the living room to your couch or bedroom.

Then, follow the tips below to know if you need a professional rug cleaning:

Locate the Source of Odor

If you can’t seem to find out the source of the smell of your dog’s pee, maybe take a closer look at your rug.

If so, call the pros to remove the smell.

Rub your Rug

We also suggest rubbing your hands in a circular motion for 10 seconds.

If you notice your hand is dirty, you should start vacuuming by now.

Take note of Allergies

If you notice your allergies are getting frequent after cleaning, it’s a sign the allergens might be hiding inside your rug.

Scrub the Rug

Get a soap solution and brush to scrub the carpet with the most dirt and stain.

If you notice the brush is dirty, schedule a professional rug cleaning.

The Color is Different from the Rest of the Rug

If you notice your rug getting darker, it’s time for rug cleaning.

Rugs get darker in color if there’s heavy foot traffic.

When the rug is a few shades darker, a carpet cleaning is recommended.

Professionals use specialized equipment to cater to discoloration, where it would be difficult for home cleaners to get rid of the problem.

After all, the machinery used for professional rug cleaning is large and powerful compared to a lightweight cleaner.

This means the degree of the cleaning from the equipment is so great that it can reach the deepest part of the fibers.

Heavy Foot Traffic

It happens all the time – as you’re about to leave the house, you forgot something.

Then, you run back inside your home without removing your shoes.

As a result, you leave dirt and grime on the carpet or rug.

If you’re disciplined enough to take the shoes at the door, then you don’t have to worry about stains on the carpet.

However, most homeowners tend to forget this simple task without knowing that the dirt left by the shoes is causing them problems.

Besides, leaving shoe marks on your carpet means the risk of growing grime and dirt in the rug fibers.

When this dirt and grime settle for a long time, it will make you sick.

In this kind of situation, home cleaning won’t be too effective.

Professional carpet cleaning will do the trick because of the equipment used during the process.

Also, the process involves several methods such as hot water extraction and steam cleaning to remove the dirt, dust, mold, or grime effectively.

Reach Out to Us for a Professional Rug Cleaning!

Here’s our advice – if you want your rug to last long, get it cleaned by professionals for at least a year.

Even if you’ve been cleaning your carpets regularly, an amount of dirt will still linger between the fibers of your rug.

Once the unnoticed dirt, grime, and mold stay on your rug, it will cause discoloration and odor.

With professional carpet cleaning from Brooklyn Carpets Care, you will get rid of this hard-to-remove dirt and stains.

Call us so that we can deal with your dirty rug once and for all!

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