Water damage from floods, hurricanes, or storms can make any type of structure prone to destruction.

As time goes by, the excess moisture can lead to problems inside your house.

Furthermore, the water needs to be extracted if you don’t want any contamination, structural damage, or health risks.

Because of this, you should do something when it comes to water damage.

Call Brooklyn Carpets Care within 1 to 2 days after the water interruption for a water damage repair.

In this way, your house and belongings won’t suffer from long-term damage that would be difficult to repair in the future.

However, if you’re the DIY type, you can refer to our guide on steps to perform water damage repair.

Determine Different Types of Water

When it comes to water intrusion from calamity or other reasons, there are different types that you should know.

The first type is clean water that comes from leaky pipes or rain.

With this type of water, you can deal with the water damage repair on your own.

The second type is gray water, which comes from toilers, dishwashers, and other appliances that use water.

This type of water has contaminants that can be tricky to remove.

You may or may not call a professional when dealing with gray water.

However, if you want to deal with it, use proper equipment.

The last type is black water, which comes from sewage and severe flooding.

The color of the water is due to harmful bacteria, waste, and other contaminants.

This type of water is hazardous to deal with on your own as it can cause health problems.

Thus, avoid cleaning it on your own.

Call a professional such as Brooklyn Carpets Care to take care of the black water for you.

Spot Serious Issues Such as Mold

Once the type of water you have in your home belongs to clean or gray water, you may proceed with this step.

During water damage, it can produce mold and mildew within 24 hours.

Moreover, when it comes to mold and mildew, be careful when dealing with them.

Some mold may be toxic to us and can damage the material it touches.

On the other hand, if you spot small molds, you can cut out the area where the mold stays and throw it away immediately.

However, call Brooklyn Carpets Care to take care of them for severe mold issues.

Dry the Affected Areas

Mold grows from moisture; hence it’s essential to remove the moisture to prevent more damage.

For small, affected areas, use fans to dry the moisture.

As for larger areas, use a large-capacity dehumidifier to dry out the carpet, furniture, wood, and other materials.

Remember; get rid of all the moisture.

Remove Damaged and Dangerous Materials

Materials affected by water damage can become porous since they are soaked in water.

With this, make sure to throw them away.

If you don’t do it right away, these porous materials will get damaged even further by the presence of water.

Hence, throw away any porous materials to prevent material damage.

Clean and Disinfect the Area

After removing the damaged materials, disinfect the whole area before actually starting working.

You can use a bleach solution and spray the affected areas to prevent mold spores from growing further.

Target the Ceilings for Water Damage Repair

Before working in the whole area, pay attention to the ceilings.

After all, ceilings are also exposed to water damage that will lead to sagging and collapsing if left unattended.

Also, make sure to remove the affected ceiling boards first.

However, if the leak comes from the roof, locate the source of the leak.

Then, make sure that there has been no structural damage to the beams and rafters.

For this step, you may contact a professional to properly inspect your ceiling.

Install New Materials

After dealing with the ceiling, pay attention to other areas, especially the floor.

First, check if there’s moisture hiding beneath the floor, especially for the padding and underlayment, since they are susceptible to damage.

Then, make sure that everything is dry before replacing the damaged material with a new one.

For the material, you can install a high-end vinyl or ceramic material to protect floors from water damage in the future.

However, if the task is too much for you, call Brooklyn Carpets Care to deal with replacing the floors.

We don’t just perform a water damage repair but also carpet cleaning, especially if your carpet is exposed to contaminated water.

For Significant Damage, Call a Professional

Nothing beats professional work when dealing with water damage.

After all, it can be too much for one person to handle without any prior experience when dealing with water damage repair.

Even if the type of water that has entered your house is clean, gray, or black, call Brooklyn Carpets Care right away.

By calling us, you will prevent damage to your house by making sure we inspect every damaged area.

Call us today if you need a water damage repair or carpet cleaning!

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